So over the last week, I have done a bit of thinking and investigating and what I want to achieve through photojournalism. I have come to realise that I definitely want that personal aspect to my work, and display the connection between people and possessions. With the forever growing concerns and actions towards waste and … More Rubbish

Photo Journalism!

Lately, I have been really drawn to photojournalism. There is something about it’s vulnerability and uncompromised nature that is so profound, yet often turned away in todays social media era. As I mentioned previously, I adore the works of Lee Jeffries and Brandon Stanton because they compliment their images with a story. I would absolutely love … More Photo Journalism!

Project Proposal

With the final semester of my degree flying by, I have come to realise how quick and valuable University is. It’s not too often you get to surround yourself with passionate peers and helpful resources, so I don’t want to waste it by staying in my comfort zone, I want to do what I love, … More Project Proposal

Working Processes

Through the past few weeks, I have discussed a few artists, some in which I have followed for some time, and others in which I have recently discovered through MEDA301 research. The photographers that I have come to love include, Thomas Stewart, Suzi Eszterhas, and the two artists that I want to focus on here, Lee … More Working Processes