MEDA202: Testing

Week Elevens workshop focuses on reviewing our week 10 prototype. As advised by the Medadada seminar page, below details the specifics of my piece; a light based installation concerning movement and stillness. Audience Motivation:¬† The work attracts the audience through the lights on and off switch, powered by the Arduino’s motion sensor. The audience has … More MEDA202: Testing

MEDA202: Motionless Critical Reflection

Motionless is the embodiment of my ideas and material experiments conjoined into an artwork.¬†Motionless features a stripped down umbrella, held together by a fencing wire and crafted with the aesthetic of cellophane paper. Hanging from the ceiling, the work casts a shadow onto the floor and the audience through a Arduino run motion sensor light, … More MEDA202: Motionless Critical Reflection