Associart Digital Artefact & Contextual Essay

Good crafternoon, (or good morning, but that’s just not as much fun), and welcome back to my blog! Just in case you haven’t been following, or it’s your first time here, I have been working on a Digital Artefact for a Future’s Culture class. I decided to create a social platform in the hope of creating an online community, of and for artists. But as it turns out, creating a social platform in just 13 weeks, just isn’t something that can, or should, be done. However, you can check out my mock ups down below and the full break down of the proposed Associart on Prezi, just click here. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 12.17.56 amScreen Shot 2018-06-02 at 12.17.36 am.png

Contextual Essay:

Through my Digital Artefact, I wanted to explore the way Social Media affected us and our practices, in particularly, the way we create and distribute art. My first idea came to me, as a little personal project and preference. I have always loved making art with friends, and one of my subjects this semester, MEDA301, is working in a group project. I find it so fascinating hearing everyone’s different takes on a piece of art, and seeing each person shine in their creative field. It was this idea, paired with my love for Joseph Gordan-Levitt’s network, Hit Record on TV, that gave me the idea to create a platform that utilised the global reach of the internet, and casual friendships crafted by social media, to bring collaborative art making to our homes.

I was really excited by this idea, so I went and did some more research on how this occurs on existing platforms. However, I wasn’t too pleased with what I found. Instead of being excited about the new opportunities that social connections create for artist, I was saddened by the silencing that it can cause. I have never used social media as an artistic forum, that many artists have done before and surely after now, however, after doing quite a bit of research, I am not necessarily sure that is a bad thing. I found that the copyright laws are intentionally written to diminish the rights of users, taking away copyright from their own work, condemning the use of the bare human body, and even photographs of paintings that show resemble a nude persona.

The deeper I looked, the more upset I got. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram’s pure disregard for copyright infringements amongst users, made me upset. It became clear to me, that these social platforms that artists so quickly flea to, have not got the capacity to share art in its entirety. This is where I really began to create my idea. I found myself wanting a creative platform for myself, so surely at least a few other creatives would be interested right?! So, that is how Associart came about.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make Associart come to life. I don’t think a novice coder could really make the next big creative platform. So I did the next best thing, a pitch. I decided to utilise Prezi, to essentially detail how Associart would be created and run. I wanted the intentions, design and backstory to be able to be understood, despite the lack of its physicality.

Regardless, of Associarts pending success or potential failure, I just want Associart to be a conversation started. Something to start artists in realising that these platforms are not made with the artists goals in mind, particularly Facebook. In having said that, it all comes down to each artist’s individual goals. If one just wants to get likes, praise, and sell a print, maybe Instagram is for you, but it isn’t for everyone.

Just remember that, ‘the relationship between art and social media is a tricky one. The former is about pushing boundaries; the latter, enforcing them’ (Miranda, 2016).





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