The Final Class

The final week!

This week was the time to refine ideas, and really put the needle to paper! With it being one of the last times to really experiment within the MEDA space, I decided to use the week and the final class to play around with all different ideas and see what avenue worked best for me. I have been using my Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet, to create the outlines of the images I am going to embroider later on. I tried this method a few weeks ago when I embroidered the brain, and it made the process a whole lot easier and the image less messy.

My original idea was to play around with the body, embroidering the brain, uterus, heart, and so on. I have been really focusing on the uterus lately. I don’t particularly know why, but I find it fascinating. Here are a few of my digital sketches.

I took that idea a bit further this week, and experimented with veins and bones. I did like how the digital editions came out, however, Mat mentioned that it wasn’t as connected to my previous works, as I thought.

scarlett nerves

And, just to cover all bases, I forgo the idea of the body briefly, to experiment with animals. I did really enjoy the cow image, it put a smile on my face, however it wasn’t the vibe I was going for. It was more whimsical than thought provoking. CowsWith the lesson coming to an end, I had a quick chat with Aaron and Mat. Aaron suggested that I try something new like tearing the photos up, which was a suggestion from a few weeks ago, and perhaps having an unfinished look, such as thread coming from behind. In terms of presentation, Aaron agreed with one of my thoughts of having various photo sizes, and quite a few.

This was a little contrasting to Mat’s ideas, as he liked the idea of a uniform A4 size, but agreed that the more the merrier. Mat raised a really good point about the theme consistency of my work, and suggested that perhaps even have an inner theme within the body, such as the reproductive system. I love this idea! I still can’t explain why, but I have really loved working the uterus into my work. Maybe it’s a sense of power, love and resilience, but I love it and I am very excited to keep going with this.

So, at the end of the day, there has been a lot of experimenting and new ideas. From here, I plan to take a nude photoshoot, and create some new digital sketches to begin embroidering. Perhaps I will draw emphasis to the breast, depicting breast feeding, and continue with different angles of the uterus.


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