This week was research week!

I watched a LOT of videos on the punch needle to try and make the damn thing work, but after the long line of videos, some very helpful YouTuber finally explained that the needle that I had purchased would only work on a very particular type of thread, so not too useful for my photographs. I am okay with this, I got it as a means of having a crisper line and being able to add finer details, but it was really just an accessory, not the biggest loss.

So after, I lost a bit too much time on YouTube, I headed back to google and found some incredible pieces that joined photography and embroidery. Julie Cockburn has quite a similar style to Maurio Anzeri, combing colourful thread with older photographs, however Julie’s pieces heavily rely on repetition and geometry.

The Orthodontist.jpg
Julie Cockburn, 2014, ‘The Orthodontist’

I love how the colours pop off the page, and how they don’t completely override the image, they play into each other.




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