A New Start

Today, was probably one of my favourite days in MEDA301, but it didn’t start that way. I was feeling a bit stuck and hopeless, I kept trying with my photojournalism idea of capturing rubbish, but it just hasn’t been resounding with me. I do think it is interesting, and it is a very unique view into someones life, but for some reason, a reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, this project just hasn’t been working for me. However, because I have been so caught up within this medium, I have really struggled to take it places and seperate myself from it. It wasn’t until mid conversation with my group that a new idea sprung to life.

Now, I am loving my group, everyone is so supporting, encouraging and critical, and it is without a doubt a major influence upon my pending project. Their thoughts and passions have really affected me in an incredibly positive manner. I feel I am more analytic and I believe this is a major driving force behind my change.

The current project that I am working on stems from the beautiful works of Maurizio Anzeri. Her mixed media style credits her success. The contrast of colours, mediums and aesthetics achieve an intriguing sense of the uncanny. I found her works truly beautiful, and I really wanted to attempt this unique concept of combining embroidery and photography.

Now, I have never sewn before, so it is a bit of a risk, but I think the risk might just be worth the reward.

I want my photographs to focus on women, the beauty, vitality and strength of women. The imagery will remain simplistic as the boldness with shine through the thread. Currently, I am thinking it will be a three part set, with each image focusing on a different body part. The one I am focusing on at the moment is going to have an image of a woman standing up, displaying from her belly button to her upper thigh with an embroidered uterus over the top.

I want to be able to show the importance of the female body, and how it isn’t something that should be shamed or hidden away, so I am bringing it straight out into the open, with all the colours yet comfortability to talk about it.

So, this change has got me really really excited. I ran out to door and straight to spotlight to grab some embroidery equipment to begin experimenting! I am feeling a lot more hopeful and driven now that I feel connected to my project.


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