Feeling Rubbish about Rubbish

Rubbish! Thats how I am feeling today about capturing rubbish, (and of course of its unwanted overpopulation in our lives), but feeling particularly rubbish about photographing it today.

So, this week I did a bit more research on the idea of rubbish and photojournalism, and I found, what I thought was my own original idea, to be not so original. Not only did Gregg Segal capture individuals with their rubbish, he also planned this over a weeks time span as well. So basically the entire premise of my idea unknowingly shadowed Segal’s piece ‘7 Days of Garbage’.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 2.42.33 pm.png
Gregg Segal, 2014 ‘Till and Nicholas’

I found Segal’s works really interesting, and although it is photojournalistic, it’s also dramatised and posed to truly engage the viewer. The fact that Segal shot the images in the environment highlighted our war on waste in regards to protecting our earth. As I scrolled through Gregg Segal’s 7 Days of Garbage, I realised that everyone that I asked to participate in my project were all individuals and were producing moderate levels of rubbish, therefore I felt that my work wasn’t really singing what I wanted it to (which is probably a good thing, yay for little amounts of waste). I feel like if I was going to hit the key points like Segal, I would have to be targeting big families and share houses rather than individuals.

Anyway, I was struggling a bit with this idea, it was beginning to feel like it was falling flat. My group offered some ideas, such as taking my expose on waste to a new level, such as awaiting council pick ups. I do like this idea, and I am going to keep this in mind!


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